What You Need

For a great product that helps you succeed, you need someone to guide and critique every detail of your product. To tell you why something does or doesn’t work. To tell you how to make it better.

You need someone to understand the psychology of user experience.

What You Get

I won’t ask you to pay for three months of research time. I won’t create a bunch of documents you won’t use.

You won’t always like what I have to say. Sometimes you will. It will always be based on something. I will always tell you what that is.

I will work quickly, because no one has the time to be slow.

I will use my experience, knowledge, skill, and talent to make good design decisions. I will leave you guidelines to help you make good design decisions of your own long after I’m gone.

Who I've Worked With

I have worked with Rackspace, Intuit, Burton, Dodge, Adobe, My Space, American Heart Association, World Trade Centers Association, Squidoo, Automattic, Edmunds, Mutual of Omaha, Newsweek.com, Phoenix Children's Hospital, Good Guide, Craftsman, Peachpit, O'Reilly, The Princeton Review, Bloomfire, & many more.

Who I Am

Robert Hoekman, Jr.I am Robert Hoekman Jr. In the past 15 years, I have worked with dozens of companies, from startups to mega-corporations. I have lead the design of hundreds of websites and applications. I have been involved in hundreds of hours of usability tests. I have written four books (here's the latest) and dozens of articles on user experience. I have spoken at conferences all over the world.

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